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Benefit concert for Tea

Datum: 29. June 2023

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Come join us and support little Teodoro. To allow him to return to a full life and maybe once again go for walks with his parents and loved ones. Please help Theo to recover.

Little Teo was born and grew up as a healthy boy. Today, at the age of eight, he has unfortunately experienced a lot of pain, resuscitation and coma. Teo was neurologically completely healthy until 2020. He loved to draw, model, run, swim, skate and go to preschool with his friends. In August 2020, he was admitted to the hospital on the recommendation of the acting pediatrician for fever and vomiting. That's when life took a turn. Teo endured a series of invasive tests in hospitals that made his condition much worse and he had to be resuscitated due to a shocking accident in one of the hospital wards. He came home in a state of vigil coma, a state of profound impairment of consciousness, (see which lasted until May 2022. After his partial awakening from the coma, his family hoped and believed in their conviction that Teo still "stayed" with them after all the suffering, that he was not lost and was still him, his personality, as before, they believed that everything would turn around for the better again.

So the family began to work intensively with Teodoro, teaching him to eat and drink by mouth again, to move around, to communicate - to be able to look at the world again. Every great effort bears fruit, and since July this year Teo has been able to walk on his knees with assistance and can swallow porridge food. He is less bothered by the spasms of the whole body, which were a daily occurrence, and he sleeps better, is calmer, more attentive, and has a steadier gaze.

With these advances, Teo wordlessly reassures those around him every day that he wants to learn to walk and talk again. He is a little "big fighter" and his family firmly believes that the chances of his recovery are great, even though they still have a long, difficult road ahead of them.

Special therapeutic massages and neurorehabilitation at the Axon Zlín Neurorehabilitation Clinic are helping Teo to recover. Teo is very eager to walk again, he exercises regularly and consistently at home, where his parents have installed a ceiling-mounted treadmill with a combination of climbing equipment, suitable for gait training. Thanks to the walker for outdoor gait training, he will be able to exercise outdoors, where he is significantly calmer and more focused.

Unfortunately, as it happens, the family is running out of funds. The family can no longer save for the special exercises, massages and rehabilitation stays that are visibly benefiting Teo from their regular budget and one income.

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