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The B-Art Elementary Art School is a place that allows children to explore and develop their talents.

It gives them a sense of achievement, whether on stage or in the classroom. We motivate them to perseverance, teamwork and, most importantly, the desire to create.

Children can choose from three artistic disciplines - music, dance and literature and drama. Active creative activity combined with the individual approach of the teachers contributes to the fact that our pupils grow up to be cultivated personalities, educated listeners, spectators and, last but not least, young professionals who go on to study at secondary and higher art schools. In addition to regular lessons, we organise professional workshops, seminars, camps and excursions for our pupils.

During its history, our school has reached a high artistic level and ranks among the best in the Czech Republic. Our pupils traditionally gain a lot of experience in public and private performances and festivals. In music, pupils are taught by a team of teachers and musicians with experience in many genres of music - classical, pop, rock and more. With an experienced team, we offer modern and new industries. We take an individual approach to teaching, offering modern teaching methods and techniques, striving to develop imagination and creativity, and we are mindful of the ability to interact with other musicians and to collaborate across areas of study.

Within the dance major, we offer a comprehensive education in our own sophisticated curriculum including classical art dance and modern contemporary styles. Students are thus educated in all dance disciplines during their studies, from dance gymnastics, acrobatics, classical dance and modern dance, to contemporary dance styles - break dance, street dance. The high level of our dance branch is also reflected in the education of our teachers - each dance style is taught by a specialized expert.

The basis of the Literary and Dramatic Branch teaching is creative activities - dramatic, speech, movement, verbal, equipping students with the necessary skills for natural, cultivated expression. We strive to create acting experiences in preparation of dramatic form and also in intensive interaction with the audience. We enrich the pupils' learning with visits to theatre performances and backstage, workshops with interesting professionals from the theatre environment, work with microphone and camera, dubbing, but most importantly acting in a joint theatre performance.

We are immensely proud of our successful ballet projects - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Nutcracker and Dance of the Rainforest and the musical project Three Brothers.

B-Art Elementary School already has several students studying at conservatories. Therefore, we hope that we will be able to continue this tradition and that the graduates will return to us in the future, perhaps even with their children. We also believe that, thanks to the care of our teachers and school management, we will continue to be one of the important music and dance centres of our city and its surroundings.

We are also organizers of the international contemporary dance festival TANECVALMEZ.


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