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Waste system


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Motivational programme

With the new ordinance on waste collection and separation, which the municipality is obliged to create on the basis of the new Waste Act, comes the promised incentive programme for all those who try to sort and reduce the production of municipal waste.

Already in June, we started a fortnightly collection of municipal waste, which has resulted in a significant reduction in waste production. At the same time, all waste containers (bins) in the municipality were marked with a QR code. At each collection, the bins are loaded into the system and so after six months of operation we can start the long promised incentive programme.

This consists of two discounts for the production of plastic bags and the number of containers handed in for collection. When the fee is paid (according to Decree No. 1/2021, 600 CZK per person per year), the eligibility of the household for the discount will be determined on the basis of the records from the second half of 2021.

In the following tables you can see the households with the number of persons and the possible savings that can be achieved

1. Determination of the discount of CZK 100 per household member

Number of household members

Bin volume

Frequency of bin export
1 1 × 120 l 1 × every 14 days
according to the calendar
waste collection calendar
5 1 × 240 l
(or 2 × 120 l, only
by decision
by a municipal official)
10 1 × 120 l
+ 1 × 240 l
then according to the coefficient 2 l per person per day
2. Determination of an additional discount of 100 CZK per household
Number of household members Minimum number of surrenders
plastic bags per year
1 2
2 4
3 6
4 8
5 10
6 12
7 14
8 16
9 18
10 20
11 22
12 24
Further Number of persons × 2 bags

For those who do not want to participate in the incentive programme, nothing changes apart from the change of the collection interval. However, they must expect to pay the full amount of the fee. It is a simple principle. Responsible and considerate citizens will be rewarded for their attitude.

Example - a family with 4 household members

A household with four members will normally pay 4 × 600 CZK/year = 2 400 CZK.

If they keep to the number of bins of a given volume specified in the table, the household will be entitled to a 1st discount of 100 CZK/person. This will result in a deduction of CZK 400. The charge will therefore be CZK 2 000. In addition, if the household hands in at least 8 bags of plastic per year, a 2nd discount of 100 CZK/household will be deducted. The resulting fee per household would be CZK 1,900/year. The incentive discount for a family of four is therefore 500 CZK, which is already a noticeable saving in the family budget.

Thank you for sorting too!

Trolley rental

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