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Bench gerilla


Bench gerilla

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Come and sit, rest, sing, recharge your energy and strength from the beautiful view not only of our Ratiboř...


The "benches", as the "Around Ratiboř for Wallachian song" event is generally called, have become a surprising phenomenon. The attendance of individual places is unexpected, according to entries in the memorial diaries, and photos and descriptions of expeditions from bench to bench appear on the municipality's Facebook page. Already we have the first three female tourists who have walked around all 18 sites within 5 hours. A sort of test bug was the action of a close circle of parents with children called With prehistoric dinosaurs for treasure, where some benches played the role of landmarks and were part of the clues to determine the next sub-goal.

As of today (15 December 2020), all the intended vantage points have been equipped with benches and posts with boxes containing a commemorative diary and sheet music with the lyrics of one or two Wallachian songs. The intention, which for coronavirus reasons has not yet come to fruition, is to have these songs sung by the Kosáčky of Ratiboř and the fronts of each box stamped with QR codes. When this QR code is read by a smart phone, the Wallachian song, in written form, stored in the box, should appear on its display and play.

The system could also provide other information, so we would like to take this opportunity to invite readers, if anyone can think of other uses for both the bench system and the forthcoming QR code system, to write to us at the following e-mail address:

We feel it necessary to point out at this point that the construction of the bench system would have been much more laborious and would have taken considerably longer if it were not for the help of the management and staff of the Ratiboř municipality. Thank you!

For the "Bench Guerrilla"
Janek Janíček, Staňa Haša, Olda Matula, Libor Sost'ák and Vlastík Škarpa

The benches or around Ratiboř for the Wallachian song

There are several places in Ratiboř and its immediate surroundings where it is a pleasure to stop, breathe and rest our eyes on what nature and human activity offer us to enjoy, learn or remember. It has been our endeavour to find these places and provide them with benches inviting us to sit down. A bonus for each such place is a symbolic metal post with a box containing a commemorative booklet with a description of the place and a song to sing. There are 18 selected places in total and each bench has its own patron.

1- U Baroňů (next to OÚ Ratiboř),2- Nad Zemany,3- Pod Kosisky,4 - Na Kosiskách,5- Nad Nepeklovem,6- Nad Obecnicama,7- U rozcestí v Kobelném,8- Nad Dolinki,9- Nad Poláškama,10- Na Monte Grapu,11- Nad vysílačem,12- Nad Borčí,13- Na pasece u Hynků,14- U tří sprků (Borčí),15- At the oak tree,16- At the confluence of the Ratibořka and the Bečva,17- Above Zbrankov Hill,18- Above the Red

You can view the location of all the benches directly on the website or you can download a printable PDF map from the nswebsite

Location of benches -

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