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Primary school


Primary school

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Just notice, children, what beauty there is in the world...

The primary school in Ratibor is a family-type village school. It offers children many advantages that most city schools cannot offer. A great advantage is the location of the building, which is situated in the middle of a peaceful village. Commuting children from the surrounding villages of Kateřinice and Hošťálková are directly connected by buses. The school has a garden which is used all year round. In the spring, summer and autumn months, lessons take place there and in good weather the children spend their main break there.

Another advantage is the total number of children in school. Small class sizes allow for much needed individual attention and quality personal development of the child. At our school, it is impossible for a child to get lost or hide in the crowd. We all know each other well here. For parents who are looking for an escape from the anonymity of a big school, this is an opportunity to relieve their child of stress and nervousness.

The EduPage school information system

Since 2020, our school has switched to the EduPage electronic information system . We will send out login details for this information system to parents by email each September (Please keep your login details and do not give them to your children!). EduPage will serve not only as an electronic student book, but also as a comprehensive information system where you will find all the information you need from schedules, menus, grades, homework and class materials to entering excuses. Of course, there is also direct communication between parents and teachers. You can start using EduPage on your personal computer, laptop, tablet or phone, or via the mobile app, which is available for Android (Google Play) and iOS (App Store).

Theweb app launches in your browser when you click this button

Login to EduPage

PDF login instructions

You can downloadthe mobile app from these links:

For more information about the new EduPage information system,, where there is a comprehensive help section to help you navigate the new system. If you still have any technical problems or questions, please contact us by email

TeamsRemote Learning

In the event of an emergency, the school is prepared for remote teaching through the Microsoft Teams app, which is developed specifically for students and teachers. All that is required for the app to work properly is a computer connected to the internet, a headset or speaker with microphone, and a webcam. A smartphone can also work well. Each pupil receives their personal login details to the system. The functions of the app are easy to use and understand for all users.

Theweb application starts in the browser by clicking on the following button

Login to Teams

You can downloada computer application to log in on any computer at this link:

Themobile app can be downloaded from the following links:

For more information, please contact us by e-mail believe that the use of the new applications will contribute not only to the improvement of teaching, but also to the development of digital literacy of students and parents.


Ratiboř Primary School
Ratiboř 112, 75 621
+420 571 442 338

ID: 70944121
IZO: 102768293
RED-IZO: 600150011
PO Box: 8ksseij

Headmistress of the school

Mgr. Milada Valová
+420 571 442 338 /


1st class
Mgr. Milada Valová
Zuzana Vítková

2nd class
Mgr. Alena Jandíková

3rd class
Mgr. Jitka Vítková

4th grade
Mgr. Zuzana Havlíková

5th grade
Mgr. Tamara Juchelková

Mgr. Klára Děckuláčková (maternity leave)

Mgr. Martina Martinková (maternity leave)

Afternoon club and after-school club

Jana Liškutínová
Mgr. Jana Divišová

Head of school catering

Petra Frydrychová
+420 571 116 503 /

  • You can find the menu in EduPage
  • If you are withdrawing your child from lessons, including lunch, please excuse him/her at school (preferably electronically via EduPage) and also withdraw lunch from the school catering manager (preferably by phone)

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