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Help network

Information on assistance for the elderly, families with children, people with disabilities and people at risk of social exclusion
  • Looking for a home for the elderly
  • Caring for a loved one at home
  • Care for a loved one in a residential care home
  • I need to stay in a facility during the day
  • I need help with caring for my own person at home
  • I am disabled and looking for a residential service
  • I am disabled and need advice
  • I have a child with a disability and I need help from Early Years
  • I have a health disadvantage and want to learn/improve/restore social and work skills
  • I need sign language interpreting and accompaniment
  • I am in crisis and need help quickly
  • I have nowhere to live and need help
  • I'm in an unfavourable social situation and don't know how to proceed
  • Alcohol or drugs are making life difficult for me or a loved one and I need help
  • Residential facility
  • I need help with debts, inheritance, relationship or family problems (break-up/divorce, communication, domestic violence, etc.) and other issues
  • I am 6-26 years old, looking for support and a safe space
  • I need the care of a home health nurse
  • Hospice care - I have a loved one in the advanced stages of a terminal illness and need help with care

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