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ZUŠ Morava


ZUŠ Morava

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We offer music and art clubs where transport access to Zlín is difficult.

Primary Art School Morava

Morava Primary Art School is a young school, founded in 2003. It has three branches - music, art and literature-drama. It teaches in the villages around Zlín and in the city of Zlín. Especially in smaller villages it focuses its teaching on observing musical, craft and local cultural traditions. In the city of Zlín he wants to develop especially ensemble life focused on brass bands, dulcimer music, universal orchestras, etc. The aim is to strengthen traditional music ensembles in the villages, which have always had a great influence on the living culture here. However, the school does not neglect the care of talented pupils who can go on to study at higher art schools. In the field of art, the general curriculum of the ZUŠ aims to strengthen traditional folk craft techniques. In the future, the ZUŠ also plans to organise art and music courses and lectures for adults and third-age students (pensioners).

One of the intentions of the ZUŠ is that the teacher should commute to the pupil and not vice versa. In this way, the school wants to provide a public service where transport access to the city of Zlín is difficult. This creates a level playing field for basic arts education for children and school children. The school's management expects to work well with the municipal authorities, cultural institutions, as well as schools and parishes in its area of operation. One of the school's aims is to have pupils playing in school ensembles as early as possible and adults then enlivening the musical life of the community.

The school often presents itself by organising public performances by ensembles or individuals, as well as frequent art exhibitions. These include, for example, the Music and Bagpipe Festival in Kašava, the Wallachian Meeting in Fryšták, and concerts at the Zlín Municipal Theatre. All this is the result of focusing on the artistic practicality of its graduates under the expert guidance of experienced teachers.

The founder of the school

Libor Mikl, Vítová 52, 763 16 Fryšták
Mgr. Mgr.Jiří Severin, Kamenná 2706, 760 01 Zlín
Ing. Ivo Thurner, Tyršovo nábřeží 5183, 760 01 Zlín


Beata Severinová, Kamenná 2706, 760 01 Zlín
Martina Nosková, Benešovo nábřeží 3948, 760 01 Zlín
Jakub Severin, Kamenná 2706, 760 01 Zlín


MORAVA Elementary Art School, spol. s r.o.
Phone: +420 577 018 897
ID: 607 24 889
Bank account: 2900959945/2010 (FIO bank)

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