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Construction of the road I/57 Semetín-Bystřička, 2nd construction

27. March 2024 | Ratiboř

Article title

Information on the construction of the new road and VIDEO with visualization of the entire section of the construction, which is being implemented by the Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic...

Current status - preparations / implementation

In September 2018, the conclusion of the EIA screening procedure was issued, according to which the project does not have a significant impact on the environment and will not be further assessed under the law. In terms of preparation, the construction is divided into three parts, which will be unified before the start of implementation. For Part 1 (the main route), the engineering work (IC) for the issuance of the construction permit (CP) has been completed. On 6 February 2024, the CP issued a notice of commencement of construction proceedings for 46 main structures. As of 11/2023, 96% of the land has been bought out by the CRSD (8 LVs missing in the TK out of 208). For the 2nd part (Pržna connection), the SP has been issued in 2020 and the MPV has been completed. For Part 3 (playground relocation), the SP was issued in 2016 and the extension of these SPs is pending. In 2019, the tender documents (VD-ZDS) have been prepared and the construction video has been published.

In 05/2021, work on the VD-ZDS of the 1st and 2nd part of the construction started. In 07/2022, a clean copy of the VD-ZDS was submitted. In 05/2023, approval of the CK MD project plan update was received. In 10/2023, the bidding process for site preparation for the ZAV was initiated (contract awarded in 03/2024). On 11/13/2023, the bidding process for the construction contractor was initiated. The basic deadline for submission of bids was set as 19/01/2024. However, due to repeated questions from bidders, the deadline was extended and a new date of 24/04/2024 was in effect around mid 03/2024. In 03/2024, the tender for the preparation of the ZAV was launched.

EIA: EIA opinion (09/2018) - ZP: Approval of the project plan (03/2006, 05/2023) - UR: Issuance of the zoning permit (04/20217) - SP: Issuance of the building permit (2024) - OP: Tender announcement (11/2023) - ZS: Start of construction (2024) - UP: Commissioning (2026)

Update 3/22/2024

The Directorate of Roads and Motorways has started the preparation of the area before the start of the construction of I/57 Semetín-Bystřička, 2nd construction (tree felling, topsoil stripping). Archaeologists will then take their turn. In the meantime, we are still selecting the contractor for the main construction works. Due to repeated inquiries from bidders, the deadline for submission of bids has been extended to 30 April 2024.

Please check the website for the latest information:


Infomapka stavby

Traffic significance of the construction

The construction I/57 Semetín-Bystřička, 2nd construction deals with one of the stages of construction of the R57 road Valašské Meziříčí-Vsetín in the section Bystřička-Jablůnka. The construction of this section is a continuation of the relocation of the I/57 road outside the built-up area, as it follows the completed construction of I/57 Semetín-Bystřička, Construction 1.

The I/57 road forms a north-south backbone road connecting Opava, Fulnek, Nový Jičín, Valašské Meziříčí, Vsetín with its termination at the border with the Slovak Republic. The Valašské Meziříčí-Vsetín section is the most congested section of the entire route and the backbone of the transport system in the Vsetín Bečva valley. The construction of the divided expressway will have a major impact on the development of transport relations in the area, as it will become a new transport axis of the urbanised area and will also provide a connection to the D1 motorway Přerov-Lipník nad Bečvou-Hranice-Ostrava. By transferring traffic to the expressway, the existing road will be significantly relieved and a high-capacity and safe road will be available for traffic without traffic defects. There are a number of them on the current route. The unfavourable spatial layout of the existing route has a negative impact on traffic flow, limiting overtaking opportunities and reducing the capacity of the road. In view of these facts, it is not possible to reconstruct the I/57 in its current alignment. The transfer of traffic to the expressway will significantly improve the environment in the affected municipalities and reduce the accident rate.

Location and description of the construction

The construction of this section follows the directly related construction "I/57 Semetín-Bystřička, 1st construction", which was put into operation in June 2009. The construction of the relocation replaces the inadequate directional, height and width arrangement of the existing road, level crossings with the railway line in Bystřička and Jablůnka, passages through these municipalities and areas with active landslides on the road. The total length of the relocation of the I/57 road is 4400 metres and will be built in category S 22.5/90. The I/57 road passes through the entire length of the improvement in a four-lane layout outside the municipality. At the beginning of the section, a part of the connection of the I/57 road to the existing one passes through the village of Bystřička. The other parts of the construction lie outside the village and in the intravilane of the villages of Bystřička, Pržno and Jablůnka. The surrounding undeveloped land is occupied by fields, only at the Bystřička-Jablůnka connection there is a wooded slope on the left. The building partially encroaches into the continuously built-up area. The main route starts at km 3,900, passes through mainly agricultural land in the narrow valley of the Vsetínská Bečva between the villages of Bystřička, Pržno and Jablůnka and at km 8,300 connects to the first construction of the I/57 road relocation in the section Semetín - junction to Ratiboř.

The beginning of the section is at the forecourt in Bystřička, where the I/57 road leaves the existing road. In the south-western part of Bystřička, a tubular off-ramp intersection (MÚK Bystřička) is proposed to connect the new route of the I/57 with the existing road by two separate two-lane branches. Only a part of it will be constructed under the 2nd construction, including a 114 m long bridge on the A branch of the MUTCD over the current I/57 road. Then the route crosses the Vsetínská Bečva River at km 5,136 over a 175 m long three-pole bridge. The main route crosses the river at km 5.908 by a 179 m long bridge. It also crosses the Lýkovský Brook by a two-span bridge of 48 m in length at km 6,269. The originally planned bridge between the main route and railway line No 280 Hranice na Moravě-Střelná, which would have ensured the connection between Jablůnky and Pržna, was subsequently abandoned. The new connection to Pržno will be via the relocation of road III/05732. This new road will run along the left bank of the river. It will start in front of the Vsetínská Bečva bridge in Pržno and will lead to the junction with road II/437 near the Ratiboř junction. The track of the original III/05732 will be preserved, but will continue to serve only pedestrians and cyclists. At 6.745 it will run under the main route as a 119 m long pedestrian underpass. The connection of Jablůnky to the main route will be via a roundabout (part of the Ratiboř Interchange) via the modified existing I/57 (length 490 m, category S 7.5/50), which will be converted to class III as III/05733. In addition, the football pitch in Jablunka, whose function cannot be maintained as it is located directly in the route of the future relocation (at approximately km 6.7), will be relocated. In addition to the pitch, the changing rooms, the main building and the fencing will be removed.

Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic

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