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Night mini volleyball tournament 2018

9. April 2018 | Volejbalisti

Volleyball players

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On 7 April at 3 pm, the Hošťálkov gymnasium was filled with the cheering and shouting of several dozen children who came to play mini-volleyball.

The tournament was attended by 22 teams of children from Ratibor, Vsetín and Hošťálková. The competition was held in two categories, according to the age and experience of individual players, from preschoolers to 5th grade. The whole tournament was very time and organizationally demanding, so a big thank you to all the children, parents and coaches who took the plunge.

At the end of the tournament there was of course the announcement of the winners and the presentation of prizes to the best. As it was a friendly tournament, everyone won. After the prizes and dinner, the children went with their sleeping bags to the smaller gym, where mats were set up for sleeping, and there was also a screening of fairy tales, which the children were looking forward to probably most of all.

In the morning, before breakfast was prepared, the children played volleyball (they probably hadn't had enough), and then they were invited to a rich breakfast, "what the house gave" and went home happy.

We also thank the parents for entrusting us with their children and for participating in the preparation of the goodies that served as a source of energy throughout the tournament.

On behalf of the Ratiboř mini volleyball coaching team
Mirka Zbranková

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