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Czech trail in Kolochava

9. March 2022 | Lavičková gerila

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Remembrance of travelling in Transcarpathian Ukraine (autumn 2019)

Kolochava (Ukrainian: Колочава) is a village in western Ukraine. It is located in Mizhirya District of Transcarpathian Oblast, on the southern border of Sinevir National Park. The Terebla River flows through the village.

Kolochava is famous as the birthplace of the feared robber Nikola Shuhai, the hero of Ivan Olbracht's literary work Nikola Shuhai the Robber. The village has a school with a museum and a bust of Ivan Olbracht. By the wooden church of the Holy Spirit, situated by the road towards Lake Siněvir, there are the graves of three Czech gendarmes who died during their service in Koločava. One of them was killed by Nikola Šuhaj, This church housed the Museum of Atheism until recently, founded in the days of the Soviet Union. In the cemetery closer to the square are the graves of Nikola and his wife Erzhika. Behind the cemetery is a museum of the Czechoslovak school and also a new open-air museum. In 1918-1938 the village was part of Czechoslovakia. At present there are about 5000 inhabitants.

[Source and more information: Wikipedia]
Photo: Olda Matula
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