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New Year's Eve run from Troják

1. January 2020 | Běžci


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On 31st December we traditionally went to Troják.

It's great, there were three of us when we started this tradition of running from Trojak. This time there were five of us :-). Verča Benschová, Lucka Žabčíková, Dan Krejčíř, Peta Zubíček and Peta Mynařík and his dog Leia. Míša Malučka, who was determined to run with us, unfortunately got a bug.

We left at 6.00 a.m. by bus to Troják as the only fools and then set off at a free trot towards Ratiboř. It was pleasant and slightly frosty, so the mud that started from Bludny was not such a tragedy :-).

We all managed the less than 11 km in peace and quiet and could go home happy in anticipation of the new year.

Workshops and discussion with a physiotherapist

In the autumn newsletter I wrote about the running weekend in Halenkov. Since then, we have managed to organize three more workshops related to running, but also to healthy movement, as well as a discussion on children's sports from the perspective of a physiotherapist. The first workshop was intended for participants of the running weekend, the remaining two and the discussion were intended for interested people from the citizens of Ratibor and the surrounding area.

If the situation permits, we are already working on topics suitable for further workshops and on the summer running weekend, which will probably take place in Ratiboř.


Do you play sports, you or your children? Do you want to taste the racing atmosphere? If you belong to this group, I recommend dtb series races. The series consists of four races - an off-road run or even a march, a duathlon, a triathlon and a bike race. These are the races we have over the hill (Kunovice, Kelč, Police). The entry fee doesn't cost a fortune and most importantly, there is a great racing and organizing, almost family atmosphere.

Please don't take this as unwanted advertising, but rather as a good review for a race you might want to try, but are afraid of big, organizationally demanding races. We love going there as a family and we love going back.

Petr Zubicek

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