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Goulash King 2015

30. May 2015 | Ratiboř

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On the last Saturday in May, at 7.00 a.m., the cauldrons and stoves of eighteen competitors who entered the competition for the best goulash in Ratiboř were ceremoniously lit.

This feast of goulash took place for the fourteenth time in a row and once again aroused great interest among visitors. This year's event was marked by a record turnout, with 515 tourists taking part in the spring march and over 2,000 people attending the event. The weather this year afforded us a beautiful walk through the surroundings of Ratiboř. Two routes were prepared for the hikers, the first one was adapted for strollers and the longer one led to the Maruška lookout tower in Hošťálková and went around Ratiboř from both sides.

The goulash competition was held throughout the morning in a pleasant atmosphere, all competitors had a good time and good mood and joy of the meeting prevailed rather than competitiveness. At 12.00 p.m. all the stews were cooked and the tasting committee got down to work, which had a very difficult task to evaluate all 18 samples and find the best stew among them. All this was done successfully and the winners emerged from the evaluation - Mr. Radim Jarošek and Mr. Lukáš Machálek.

Complete results:

1. Chef: Jarošek Radim Assistant chef: Machálek Lukáš
2. Chef: Vojkůvka Zdeněk Assistant chef: Červený Ondra
3. Chef: Chmelík Ladislav Assistant Chef: Chmelíková Yvetta
4. Chef: Jurčík Karel Assistant Chef: Chnátal Vladimír
5. Chef: Skaláková Miriam Assistant Chef: Skalák Jiří

Mayor's Award:

Chef: Vrba Milan Assistant Chef: Šimeček Jaromír
Chef: Kutěj René Assistant Chef: Macháček Pavel
Chef: Smutná Marie Assistant Chef: Smutný Jaromír
Chef: Kaňák Karel Assistant Chef: Vítek Karel

After 1 p.m., when the results were announced and the winners received their trophies and prizes, the afternoon programme started. It started with a show by the Zlín Bartenders, then continued with Mr. Regmund, who enchanted the audience by cracking the whip. The highlight of the afternoon was the performance of our Ratiboř children's ensemble Kosáček with the song "Maypole, Maypole". The children were accompanied by the dulcimer music Slepenica.

Suddenly we were caught in a spring storm, but it did not disturb the program - thanks to the roofing of practically the whole area, people did not have to run away from the rain. And so the whole program could be topped off by Železný Zekon, who captivated all visitors with his hour-long strong performance. The event moved into its second part, the evening entertainment, which continued until late at night.

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the organization of the whole event, both the march and the goulash king, in the preparation of the area, the organization of the program, the performances and the Sunday clean-up. I am also very glad that the local firefighters and footballers were involved in this event, to whom I also owe a big thank you.

Martin Žabčík
Deputy Mayor

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