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Municipal sports camps

16. August 2019 | Ratiboř

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In the summer, the municipality of Ratiboř organized a sports camp for children aged 3 - 13 years, which took place in two tours.

I. tour took place from 22nd to 26th July 2019 called Space Camp

The children were divided into four teams. Each of the teams invented their own planet and the inhabitants on it. This resulted in very original names for planets not yet known - Planet Atlatnis, Jesper, Unicorn Alliance Federation and Planet Gürke. These planets were given the task of training astronauts and sending them into space to accomplish an important mission. The local volunteer firefighters helped them train and, in addition to firefighting training, cooled them down with a syringe. We went on a trip to the Skalka family park in Ostrava, where the little astronauts had fun on trampolines, bouncy castles and other attractions. On the last day of the camp, the astronauts were given a drink, a lollipop and a ticket to the rocket to go into space on a space mission for completing their space training.

Camp II was held from Aug. 12-16, 2019, and its spirit was Indian

This time the children were divided according to age and each age group created an Indian headdress, decorated their part of the totem pole and came up with their own name. The youngest children chose the names Indian Chicks and Cute Little Lambs, the oldest Ogres were called Foxes and the oldest Cherries were called Brave Little Wolves. A totem pole was then assembled and the children presented their shouts at the totem pole. Like proper Indians, we followed the signs on an Indian expedition, the first stop was at Kosiski where the children found some mushrooms and had a nature lunch. Fortified by the schnitzel, we continued our expedition to Kateřinice and back to our "campsite". This trip was also a trip to the Skalka Family Park in Ostrava. On the last day of the camp, the little Indians had a blast on the bouncy castle, received a commemorative badge with their name on it and a small reward for completing the whole week in the form of a drink and a popsicle.

I would like to thank all the girls and Adam who helped me, our handy volunteer firefighters, our excellent cooks Lukas and Irene and the wonderful Mrs Musil who kept the camp tidy and baked unbeatable cakes throughout.

Bc. Lucie Adámková - camp leader

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