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Sports afternoon

Datum: 4. June 2023

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4 June 2023 / 14-17 h in the area by the pond in Červeny...

The introduction and demonstration of lesser-known sports was an idea that was transformed into a beautiful Sunday afternoon on June 4 in Červený. The Sports Afternoon event in Červený followed the very successful Games without Borders, which were organized last year by the MAS organization and the Central Vsetínsko Microregion. With the support of MAS Střední Vsetínsko, it was possible to invite not only sports clubs from the surrounding area, who had the opportunity to present their sports activities to children and adults, but also accredited instructors of yoga, yoga on a paddleboard, three young athletes - ambassadors of Š in skipping rope and also tree climbers Lukáš Kamas, who is a man of many faces and was able to professionally prepare the "discipline" of climbing beer crates and slacklining.

All those who came to Červený this afternoon could also try out different types of shooting – with an airsoft pistol presented by Zbyněk Kovář from Action Air IPSC Vsetín, biathlon air rifles from the WOCO Vsetín biathlon club or with golf clubs from players from the Golf Komárno club. Riders on paddleboards raced on the surface of the water, replaced by the instructor Mrs. Věra Veitová, who was able to interest even the children and stretch their bodies on an unstable mat - SUPaYOGA Bystřička. On the pier, Iveta Dědková created a "yoga rest" - tea, incense sticks and a pleasant atmosphere were perfect for practicing yoga. The Kobra orienteering club from Vsetín took care of two routes in this discipline, young gymnasts from the Vsetín Sports Gymnastics Department jumped and threw somersaults on the aitrack.

The girls from MAS were equally enthusiastic, with whom you could try hula hooping, i.e. spinning hoops. I would like to thank all the lecturers, trainers and members of the above-mentioned clubs who showed up close the activities they have been involved in for many years. If you or your child are interested in a sport, do not hesitate to contact the coaches or lecturers! Golf Komárno – Biathlon club WOCO Vsetín – Action air IPSC Vsetín – SKOB KOBRA Vsetín – climbing beer crates and slackline: Lukáš Kamas yoga rest: Iveta Dědková SUPA YOGA – Š – hula hooping: MAS Střední Vsetínsko, Elen Plšková Gymnastics TJ Sokol Vsetín – A big thank you goes to everyone who put a hand to the work, pulled together and created a beautiful Sunday afternoon full of sports with the support of MAS Střední Vsetínsko and the Municipality of Ratiboř.

For MAS Middle Vsetínsko

Lucie Žabčíková


MAS Střední Vsetínsko and the municipality of Ratiboř organize a Sports Afternoon on 4 June 2023 / 14-17 h Ratiboř - at the pond in Červené (at No. 77)

You can try the following sports activities
  • golf
  • biathlon
  • air soft pistol
  • orienteering
  • beer crate climbing
  • yoga rest
  • yoga on paddleboards
  • jumping rope
  • hola hoopig
  • slackline
  • gymnastics demonstration

Refreshments provided, admission is voluntary. In case of bad weather, the event will not take place.

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