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NEW pumptrack arena

2. October 2023 | Ratiboř

Article title

Pumptrack is a track made of concrete or fiberglass designed for riding scooters, skateboards, roller skates or bicycles...

This track can be enjoyed by both young children and especially teenagers, who are often seen jumping on scooters on the bridge near the school or in front of the OU. Our intention is to use the area around the fire station (Svazarm) where two tracks would be installed.

One concrete oval (P1) for the more advanced athletes and a fiberglass learning plane (P2) for beginners and small children.

Martin Žabčík

Update December 2022

In early December we were notified by the Department for Communities and Local Government that our application to build a pumtrack pitch, in which we were ranked ninth alternate in the previous assessment, had been funded. Next year a new concrete pumptrack arena will be built next to the Svazarm building for all those who like to rollerblade, scooters, skateboards or bicycles. The planned investment is CZK 2 400 000, of which 80% is subsidised. Hopefully this news has pleased not only us, but especially all the children...

You can also find a video article about the Pumptrack playground with a short introduction in the December VideoZpraovadaj.

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