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Building a clubhouse for the Bells of Good News ensemble in Kateřinice

19. April 2021 | Zvonky Dobré zprávy

Good News Bells

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Public collection - account number: 2401706070/2010

In Kateřinice, the construction of the clubhouse of the CCE pro:
- Bells of Good News ensemble
- meeting of all generations
- organising joint events not only for church members

Complete photo documentation of the construction can be viewed here: The clubhouse is being built according to the design and project of Martin Rosa in cooperation with Jakub Červenka (see

The budgeted cost of the construction is approx. We ask for your support. 2401706070/2010

Thank you for any contribution.
Good News Bells
CCE Kateřinice
CCE Ratiboř

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