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Memorial of Ctibor Čermák

Datum: 31. May 2019

Primary school

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On Friday 31 May, the 8th annual Ctibor Čermák Memorial took place with the participation of schools from Hluboke Mašůvek, Ratibor, Hošťálková and Kateřinice.

The competition was held in the following disciplines:
- endurance time trial,
- air rifle shooting,
- knowledge of our country - history,
- knowledge of plants, animals and the human body,
- knowledge of first aid,
- knowledge of the Czech language, mathematical and financial literacy, grenade throwing at a target.

First and second place deservedly won the children from Ratiboř Primary School and the third place went to the children from Kateřinice.

I would like to thank the founder of the school, the Municipality of Ratiboř, for their great help in organizing this challenging event, all the pedagogical and non-teaching staff of the school, parents, the cooks for preparing lunch and other refreshments for the guests, our young firefighters for the prepared competitions and last but not least our children for their great performance in overcoming the difficult tasks. A big thank you also goes to our youngest seniors for their help during the whole race and to Mr. and Mrs. Vacko for their friendly welcome at the Military Museum in Borčí.

And that the guests enjoyed it as well, as evidenced by this email that came after the memorial from Hluboke Mašůvek. Quote:
Hello everyone, we greet you very much from the school in Mašůvek and remember how good we had, how beautifully we were taken care of, how great you are, and what we experienced. We would like to thank you very much for the warm welcome, the impeccable race, your care and concern, the good food and all the events we attended... It was challenging, but we are full of impressions, we are still discussing and remembering everything. We already have ideas for next year..., so next year with us, take care, keep in touch.

This greeting and words of appreciation say it all - the children and adults from Hlubokie Mašůvek simply loved it in Ratiboř.

Milada Valová

Plakát Memorial of Ctibor Čermák

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