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The first hunt of the year

1. December 2019 | Myslivci


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It's here again, the hunting season has begun.

Ratiboř hunters had their first hunt of the year on December 1, 2019. Almost all locals, many guests, traditional experienced hunters, many dogs, in short, the right line-up.

Only the game to be hunted was missing. Someone had warned the animals in advance in the first lek, so they all moved to quieter places. For the company of hunters, hounds and dogs, it was a nice Sunday walk in beautiful weather, only the unnecessary flints were a bit of a drag. In the second lek, the wild boars again decided to have some fun with the hunters. The twelve pigs had a good time, some jumping up and quickly hiding before the hunters could take aim, others marching calmly between the shooters who couldn't fire for their own safety. Other wild boars were performing a slalom between the trees, so it was not for accurate shooting and the risk of injury to the animals was minimal. A good time was had by all, the wild boars and the hunters, who shot as if they were celebrating the birthday of the lord emperor with volleys. In the end, only one careless, slower boar took the hit. At least three foxes were caught in passing. Fortunately, every hunt ends with a final fox hunt, which was in Ponorka and was a success.

It was nice, we are all looking forward to the St. Stephen's Day hunt.

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