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Spring time of Kosiska ensemble

3. June 2019 | Valašský soubor KOSISKA

Wallachian ensemble KOSISKA

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How spring was here.

SPRING - This year's carrying out of the Marena and the ride of the Kosák men through the village on a horse-drawn ladder was marked by unfavourable to wintry weather. Nevertheless, we banished winter (the straw figure known as Morana, Morena, Marzana, Marřena, Death or Smrtka). As part of the regular rehearsal, parents, grandparents and siblings of our little Kosáček children enjoyed the performance as they performed the "Craftsmen" band - singing several songs and dancing the butcher's, cobbler's and blacksmith's dances. We also performed this spring program in Diakonia Vsetín, in the Jablonova Home, where we met a citizen of Ratiboř, and we brightened many other faces with a nice song and dance.

We made up for everything and enjoyed the last Saturday in May during the performance in the afternoon program of the Goulash King competition. Traditionally Martin accompanied us on the accordion for dancing and songs, but we were also joined by the Dareband band. "Little maypole, little maypole, little green maypole, who built it, little green maypole ..." sang the little and bigger Kosács. There was much more to see and listen to in the band "We build maya".

At the end of April, the Kosacs took up the challenge and took part in a public rehearsal of the men's choirs in Dolní Nemčí. The region is fertile not only with its agricultural yield but also with a strong base of folk singers. And that was a challenge. The imaginary match was attended by local choirs, a men's ensemble from Boršice and an ensemble from as far away as Slovakia. And us.

Upon arrival, we found that all the ensembles had complete costumes including decorations or headgear. We had black trousers and shirts. And they said that the dressing room was in the back, so we should change into festive clothes. So we got off to a wild start. Initial fears (especially of the chronicler) were quickly allayed and we had to take the stage. One song followed another, the crowd went wild, the guests sang along, the spirits soared. The ensembles came on in quick succession and we were no longer afraid. The event lasted until late at night and with the music of the Strýci dulcimer music from Strání and the harmonica of our Martin, the borders between the groups and regions were wiped away. Ratiboř was not lost :-)

We would like to thank everyone who supports us! To the mothers, who are improving their combing, to the fathers, who will help when needed, for example with building or cutting down our Maypole, to the Municipality of Ratiboř for their support, to the grandmothers and aunties for knitting shawls. We really appreciate your help and we believe that you also enjoy awakening in our children the relationship to old customs, songs and dances.

We look forward to seeing you again at the dance, music and singing!

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