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Moravia in the north

19. June 2022 | Valašský soubor KOSISKA

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The festival on 18 June 2022 from 10.00 in Lipová near Šluknov in the north of Bohemia...

Pavel Svoboda, the mayor of the municipality of Lipová in the Ústí nad Labem Region, came up with the idea of "Moravia in the North".

The village of Lipová deservedly beat us in the competition "Village of the Year 2019" and thanks to the great mayors from other villages, many strong friendships were formed that year. We went to the folklore-loving region in mid-June by bus, fire truck and several cars. The 27 members of the Kosiska ensemble were joined by the Bells of Good News ensemble. The overall atmosphere of Moravia was completed by the dulcimer music of Lukáš Kamas and also many winemakers from South Moravia. The weekend was hot, the atmosphere was beautiful, and a support team of parents and friends helped to cook sourdough, bake podlesniki and make povidla. Almost everyone also tasted the plum brandy. We brought along not only cauldrons and stoves to make the delicacies, but also muffins, cheeses and smoked meats from our local producers.

The whole day started with a procession of costumed people to the Church of St. Simon and Jude, where the beautiful music of the Bells of Good News was heard, the atmosphere in this beautiful border church was very strong, especially when one realizes the turbulent history of this region. The procession from the church expanded to include many, and after the first performance of the Mowers and the introduction of the band "Down the Ratiboř" it was clear that this event would fulfill its purpose - to bring a piece of Moravia to the North!

The Kosacs sang the best pieces from their repertoire in full ensemble, and the young dulcimer group consisting of Kája Musilová, Honza Mrlina, Vojta Kuneta and Víti Žabčík behind the dulcimer also performed. The performances of Kosáček, Kosák and Zvonků Dobrá zprávy on the stage were interspersed with singing among the people and in the meadow, we were all full and the smiles on the faces of all present indicated that everyone was enjoying this beautiful event despite the tropical weather.

The whole atmosphere was beautifully complemented with his charismatic speech by the already well-known moderator Ondra Carda, who was again part of our sickle band and was hereby appointed as an external member of the ensemble.

In a word, great!

For the Kosiska ensemble
Lucka Žabčíková


Village of the Year 2019 Lipová ( is organizing the festival "MORAVA in the North", which takes place on 18 June 2022 from 10 am. The programme will also include performances by associations from Ratibor. Lipová on

  • 10.00 - official opening of the programme, throughout the day programme with moderator Ondřej Carda, competitions for children and adults
  • 10.30 - parade from the summer cinema to the Church of Saints Simon and Jude
  • 11.00 - concert of the Bells of Good News in the church
  • 12.00 - parade from the Church of Saints Simon and Jude to the summer cinema
  • 12.30 - performance of the Wallachian ensemble KOSISKA/the children Kosáčci
  • 13.00 - demonstration of making Wallachian povidels with tasting throughout the day
  • 13.00 - demonstration of making podlesniki (potato pancakes) with tasting throughout the day
  • 14.30 - performance of the Wallachian ensemble KOSISKA/chlapi Kosáci
  • 16.30 - performance of the Wallachian ensemble KOSISKA/children Kosáčci
  • 18.00 - concert of the Bells of Good News
  • 19.00 - performance of the Wallachian ensemble KOSISKA/chlapi Kosáci
  • 20.00 - evening feast with JMK BAND
Throughout the day
  • Tasting and sale of Moravian wines
  • Dulcimer music
  • Performances of ensembles outside the stage
  • Sale of original Wallachian sourdough, slivovitz, frgál, smoked meat, sausages, cheese, povidel and podlesník
  • Themed photo corner
  • Inflatable attractions
  • Face painting
  • Painting on glass
  • Stall sale

Admission 50 CZK, children under 15 years free.

Plakát Moravia in the north

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