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Creative autumn in the library

12. December 2022 | Knihovna


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Since September, the Ratiboř library has been constantly creating, tinkering, and especially painting

Since September, the Ratiboř library has been constantly creating, tinkering, and especially painting. And really constantly, because stoning was available whenever the library was open, i.e. MON and WED from 16.00-18.30. The possibility to paint a pebble attracted many children. Sometimes the pebbles were quickly finished, other times they needed to be painted really thoroughly, and still the little artist was not satisfied: "We'll finish it next time, right?" ... and so it happened that there is a large collection of rocks in progress in the library on the windowsills - haven't you forgotten them? :-) The knitting of socks on 19 October went so well that the participants decided to continue with other meetings.

After all, managing to pass on all the patterns and ideas in two hours... The core of skilled knitters, headed by the librarian Alena, met several times and we will see what else they can knit for us. A big thank you goes to Mrs. Alena Machálková, who sponsored the first meeting with her lifelong experience, and Mrs. Sváta Juchelková, who brought beautiful knitted and crocheted products to show. November's paper magic focused on the "upcycling" of old books that were already ready for collection.

On Wednesday 16.11. under the guidance of Danny (Danka) Jurajdová from Kateřinice, many fleurogami flowers were created, and Danny also prepared many tips on what else can be made from the pages of old books - wonderful Christmas cards, tree decorations, folded angels, etc. Some participants left with an old book and a program for the afternoon at home. Maybe next time we'll try origami games ;-) On December 12 and 14, we made Christmas balls, the secret of which was initiated by Mrs. Jana Randýsková. Various pieces and offcuts of fabric, ribbons and a polystyrene ball and it was already created. The creator has endless possibilities to assemble and combine pieces of fabric, in short, patchwork technique as it should be, only a sewing machine is not needed.

The Ratiboř library also offers citizens many books related to various hobbies and crafts. By regularly meeting at "Fun Creation", we would also like to introduce excellent local creators who can teach us a lot. Often we don't even know how skilled people live next to us and these people like to pass the baton of their art to others. Free time can also be spent in a way that develops us, leads to art, to beauty and to the love of life. We thank all the volunteers who participated in the creation, we wish our readers an excellent reading under the tree and a merry Christmas to all our fellow citizens.

Jana and Alena Vaculíkov / librarian

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