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The Winter Queen's Treasure

Datum: 29. January 2023


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January 7-29, 2023 with the Actionbound mobile app...

The Kindergarten Parents Club, the Library, the Scouts and the Municipality of Ratiboř are letting everyone know to go treasure hunting in January... Frosty trails for the treasure of the winter queen, who has a heart of ice and likes to harm everyone around her.

Can you defeat the Queen's sneaky helpers?
The Winter Queen has hidden her treasure somewhere nearby. Like all treasures, it's shrouded in a fog of mystery, and getting to it isn't easy. Along the way, there are pitfalls in the form of tricky tasks and the Ice Lady's loyal helpers. Those who manage to solve them and overcome the Queen's helpers can open the treasure chest and take a little of the ice treasure.

Both trails (short and long) can be completed between January 7th–29th, 2023, and you can find all the information and instructions on the Actionbound mobile app on January 7th, 2023

Plakát The Winter Queen's Treasure

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