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Monster trails

23. October 2022 | Knihovna


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October 1-23, 2022 with the Actionbound mobile app...

At the beginning of October, horrible monsters appeared in Ratiboř and Kateřinice. We, brave women from the Ratiboř Kindergarten Parents' Club, the Ratiboř library and scouts, decided to catch them all. Fortunately, a lot of brave volunteers helped us with this, as well as the support of OÚ Ratiboř and OÚ Kateřinice. The less daring ones set out with the horrible monster Raťan to search for monsters on the "Old Man" road. A total of 51 groups helped us. During their search along the "Old Woman", the children found, for example, the monster Hádan, Vztekan or Sturkan, and they also performed assigned tasks with the monsters they found. We hope Kousan didn't bite anyone and Sežran didn't eat anyone.

Only the Zdrhan unexpectedly crashed for us, but everything was fixed in a flash. The kids also mostly decided that the monsters were horribly adorable and wished they would stay here with us and not fly off to their Monster Planet. So the monsters continue to watch us from afar. The braver ones set out together with the courageous Franta Pidižvík on a longer route leading to Poborov in Kateřinice. There were 60 brave groups among us who had done for fear.

Less adorable, often terrifying monsters from literary stories awaited them on this path. Medusa threatened the participants with petrification, Grendel and the dire wolf Fenrir ran through the forest, and the Dementors tried to drain the children of their happy memories and feelings. There was also an incalculable clown, Lochneska or omnipresent spiders, often of gigantic dimensions, on the route. Even on this route, it was necessary to fulfill assigned tasks, which sometimes tormented even the brain threads. All participants of both trails received a small reward in the form of an adorable monster puppet, and the 6 drawn also received a wonderful sewn monster. Many thanks to all the adventurers who found the courage to participate in the trails. Our thanks also go to the Vsetin library, which provided the Actionboud application.


The Ratiboř Kindergarten Parents' Club, the Ratiboř Library and the Kateřinice Scouts have discovered that monsters have appeared in the forest! Do you have the courage to find them?

You can explore the trails between October 1-23, 2022, and all kinds of monsters will be waiting to test your children's courage. All information and instructions can be found on the Actionbound mobile app.

Actionbound - Monster trail for smaller ones
(approx. 1 km long)

Actionbound - A monster trail for bigger and even more monstrous
(approx. 6 km long)

The darker the better, the more fun...
Take courage, rubber boots and flashlights with you!

The trails are supported by the Municipality of Ratiboř and the Municipality of Kateřinice

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