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Children's Carnival 2020

22. February 2020 | Klub rodičů

Parents Club

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We had a great time at the Children's Carnival this year :-)

On Saturday, 22nd February 2020, the hall of the Ratiboř ZD was transformed into one big kingdom, because the traditional CHILDREN'S CARNIVAL took place there, which this year was in the spirit of a royal ball. Children were greeted at the entrance by a backdrop of a princess, a prince and a dragon and the main hall was transformed into a royal castle - the rooms were decorated with lanterns, coats of arms and princesses, princes or knights were everywhere. The children were welcomed on the dance floor by the king and queen and princess, who were the main guides of the royal carnival. The programme was packed with dancing and competitions for both children and parents - horse riding, crest folding for time, hoop throwing, dragon fighting and more. As a diversification of the programme, there was a demonstration of historical fencing by the Rebellius group from Vsetín, which showed all visitors how they used to have fun at castles and chateaus. There was also the traditional mask promenade - where each mask presented itself and showed itself in all its beauty. The carnival included a rich raffle where no one left empty-handed.

We would like to thank the parents and sponsors for material and financial donations, the municipality of Ratiboř for their help and patronage, ZD Ratiboř for renting the premises and the historical fencing group Rebellius from Vsetín for their performance. We would also like to thank Honza Rohlík and his assistants for the excellent moderation.

The biggest thanks go to those parents who devoted their free time to the preparation and organization of the carnival.We believe that not only children but also parents enjoyed this year's royal carnival.

Parents Club of Kindergarten and Primary School

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