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Bench Gorilla

Datum: 8. July 2023 - 17. September 2023

Parents Club

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Can you help the gorilla find his friends on selected nearby benches?

A lot of strange animals have appeared in Ratibor, but each one is somewhere else, it's just a mess. Somehow they got lost, and the gorilla's friend is looking for them, nervous, uneasy, pale. Can you help find her companions? who have come all the way from Africa? Hopefully you'll find them all by the end of the summer, so their gorilla aunt can take them back. They're only here in Ratibor on holiday, they have to go back to their distant land. I hope they won't do anything wrong here, like they do where they have palm trees. I hope we don't find any mess left by them, maybe they won't leave a few smelly piles on the road. We might even learn some interesting things, like their typical animal habits. Maybe the trip will be useful to you. and take away a lot of new experiences.

At each of the 10 selected places, a book of tasks awaits you, where you will find out some interesting facts not only about the animals, but also practice your knowledge about our region and customs.In each book you will find symbols and letters that belong to them - with them you will solve the riddle playfully and hopefully win a prize, because this time we are competing for family tickets to the zoo and a few smaller prizes. Don't forget to play the game that is ready for you in your mailbox. :-)

We would be very grateful for photos from the summer game in the email or on the FB page of the Kindergarten Parents Club and actually any feedback.

If you have any problems or questions, please call Noemi Martinková 737 085 723 / Eva Ordeltová 603 107 378

This project was created by the Kindergarten Parents' Club with the support of the municipal library, the Elementary School Parents' Club and the municipality of Ratiboř.

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