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Celebration of the 130th anniversary of the SDH

Datum: 3. August 2019


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On Saturday, August 3, 2019, our volunteer firefighters celebrated their 130th anniversary.

It all started at 8 o'clock with a wake-up call in the village. After 9 a.m. the celebration was opened in front of the municipal office with a reception by the mayor of the village. From 10 a.m. followed a festive parade through the village from the football field, past the kindergarten, to the church. This was followed by a service in the church and at 12 h a festive meeting in the hall of the WD.

In the afternoon, the firefighters also held an Open Day in the firehouse, including an exhibition on the 130th anniversary of the Ratiboř Fire Brigade (in the hall above the firehouse) and an exhibition of firefighting equipment (on the ground floor of the firehouse).

In the evening, the athletes organized a dance party with Reflexes in the area behind the fire house.

Plakát Celebration of the 130th anniversary of the SDH

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