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24th meeting of the Municipality of Ratiboř

28. February 2022 | Ratiboř

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Monday 28 February 2022 at 4 p.m. in the meeting room of the Ratiboř Municipal Office.

Extract from the 24th meeting of the Municipality of Ratiboř

The Municipal Assembly APPROVED:

  • Budget Measure No. 1/2022
  • Subsidy for the repair of MK after the bark beetle calamity 2022
  • Draft future contract No IV-128022469/VB/002
  • Request for allocation of a municipal flat
  • Report on the management of the municipal forests for 2021
  • Purchase of forest land
  • European Village Renewal Award 2022 competition - submission of applications
  • Increase in advertising fees
  • Travel allowances

The Village Council NOTED:

  • Capital Actions in 2022
  • The bridge at the Gardeners is progressing in construction
  • Community Centre
  • Street under the Fire Station
  • Co-operative society is still waiting for furniture
  • Stairs from the back of the Falcon Hall + reservation system
  • Sewerage and water Hološín
  • Cultural events
  • Police report

The full minutes of the AGM will be available for inspection in the Mayor's office.

Plakát 24th meeting of the Municipality of Ratiboř

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