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Reconstruction and extension of primary school

6. December 2019 | Ratiboř

Article title

New classroom, elevator and reconstruction of the school canteen is finished

On 1 October 2019, the construction of the Primary School extension started. A vocational classroom will be added on the roof of the existing cafeteria to be used for language, computer and music education. In addition, an elevator will be built into the building up to the attic so that the attic space can be used in the future. All barriers preventing access for disabled people will be removed throughout the building. The school canteen will be refurbished and a new canteen will be built from the existing warehouse and old garage. The canteen will now be supplied directly from the supply ramp. Facilities for the canteen staff will also be added.

Update December 2019

In October, the Primary School building alterations and extension project commenced. This project was supported by the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic and their share (7,000,000 CZK) had to be profiled by 6 December this year. On 30 November an inspection day was held at which the works worth 7,600,000 CZK were handed over by the contractor. We sent a request for financing to the Ministry of Finance. We were therefore able to meet the Ministry's requirement and honour our commitment. At the moment, the building is already under roof and the complicated connection of the roof to the old building has been carried out. The new dining room has already been plastered and heating installed. We are working together with the school's canteen manager to equip the new canteen. The lift shaft has also been completed. Over the next few months, all the sanitary facilities and the canteen will be tiled. On the first floor, work is underway to refurbish the new vocational classroom - electrical and low voltage wiring, preparation for plastering and new flooring. The attic is being prepared for the lift machine room and subsequent installation of the lift cabin. Over the Christmas and spring breaks, work will then take place to connect the new premises to the existing school and to build a wheelchair ramp at the rear entrance to the building.

What the extension will bring to the school. First and foremost, it will be a new classroom with a capacity of 30 pupils focused on teaching computer science, foreign languages and polytechnics. Furthermore, an elevator to all three floors with the possibility of future use of the attic, which has thus been made accessible. The modernisation of the lunch room, with the addition of facilities for the cooks. The existing building did not have staff toilets, storage or cloakroom facilities. The lunch room has also been modernised and will be equipped with all the technology needed to simplify lunch distribution and meet all hygiene requirements. A cleaning room, the absence of which had been a constant complaint of hygiene, was also added. The teaching staff will also now have two classrooms for storing teaching aids. And of course, last but not least, the school building will be completely barrier-free thanks to the construction of a ramp for wheelchair users, a toilet for the handicapped and access to all floors of the school by lift. When the reconstruction is completed, our school will be at a very high level in terms of its facilities and I believe that these improvements will contribute to the improvement of the quality of education of our children.

Update March 2020

The interruption of the school year has partly spoiled our joy of the completion of theprimary schoolbuilding.The children enjoyed two days in the new school canteen and then the school had to close. However, the building work continued as planned.Anew façade was put on the extension,the computer room floor was finished and thelift was installed and operational by Easter . Theold buildingwas connected to the new one and part of the school garden was restoredto its original state. TM Stav, the construction company, and MSS-Projekt, the design office, met their commitments and kept all the deadlines that were initially set in the construction contract. Thisalso fulfilled the requirements of the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic, which provided a subsidy of CZK 7 million for the school extension. There was enough time left for cleaning and furnishing the new premises. We will probably enjoy the joy of the new school more at the beginning of the new school year , when we will prepare the opening ceremony of the new school and at the same time we will commemorate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Ratiboř Primary School.

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