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Award ceremony of the regional round of the Village of the Year 2019 competition

Datum: 28. July 2019

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In Ratiboř, all the successful villages of this year's regional round of the Village of the Year were awarded.

The celebration with a common lunch for all Ratiborians took place on 28 July 2019 in the garden of the old rectory. 9.00 Services - sermon by Br. F. Miroslav Frydrych, a native of Ratiboř / 11.00 Ceremony of awarding the Village of the Year of the Zlín Region 2019 / 12.30 Lunch / 14.30 Concert of the group ŽAMBOŠI / 15.30 Iron Zekon / 16.30 Charity auction / 17.00 Charity concert of the group DOCUKU

The Golden Ribbon for the first place in the regional round was awarded to Ratiboř for its strategic planning, intensive approach to the village renewal, for supporting the creation and maintenance of folk traditions and their presentation, for its active cultural and social life and for its varied social activities. Ratiboř also advanced to the national round, which will take place in September.

A total of 8 municipalities of the Zlín Region have entered this year's competition. The Commission visited them all in the spring so that they could present their development documents, investment plans, successful implementations, social activities, care for greenery and landscape, etc. A total of 11 municipalities were awarded - not only with traditional ribbons, but also with diplomas for their outstanding activities and for being an example for others. The Zlín Region distributed financial rewards to them in the total amount of CZK 720,000. Significant subsidies for the awarded municipalities are also released from the state budget, where the holder of the Golden Ribbon receives one million crowns, for the Orange Ribbon the municipality receives CZK 600,000, etc.

The Zlín Region is the most successful region in the Czech Republic in inter-regional comparison. During the existence of the competition, it has already won the first place in the national final 6 times (Liptál, Lidečko, Komňa, Kateřinice, Kašava, Dolní Němčí).

The following municipalities were awarded this year:
Golden Ribbon, for winning the regional round -Ratiboř(Vsetín district)
Orange ribbon, for the cooperation between the municipality and the agricultural entity -Zašová(Vsetín district)

Special financial award of the Zlín Region to the following municipalities:
Diploma for modern library and information services -Rymice(Kroměříž district)
Diploma for exemplary keeping of municipal chronicles -Podhradí (Zlín district)
Diploma for maintaining folk traditions -Ratiboř(Vsetín district)

Other awards:
Golden Brick Diploma (category B) -Rymice(Kroměříž district), Complex of a house with services
Golden Brick Diploma (category C) -Podhradí(Zlín district), St. Zdislava Chapel
Hope for the Living Countryside Award -Vítonice(Kroměříž district)
(Vítonice was awarded for the active approach of associations and local organisations to leisure activities)

Special award of the regional commission:
Special award for support of innovative teaching approaches and development of school facilities -Přílepy
Extraordinary award for exemplary approach in promoting sport -Poličná
Special award for strategic approach to the development of the village -Drnovice

In the national round of the competition Village of the Year 2019 we won the 2nd place

The winners of the national round of the Village of the Year 2019 competition were announced at the Rural Fair in Luhačovice. Our Ratiboř, which represented the Zlín Region as one of the thirteen finalists, finished silver in this year's competition. Photos and video from Luhačovice can be found in this post: soutěž-vesnice-roku-2019

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