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May floods in Ratiboř

22. May 2019 | Ratiboř

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On May 22, 2019, flood level 2 was declared!

The tributaries of the Ratibořka from Březíček, the Hološínka and the Hrabinka were the most problematic. Within a short period of time, a second flood level was declared and the intervention of the volunteer fire brigade was necessary, as well as a crisis headquarters was convened and all municipal employees were deployed. Very quickly sandbags were prepared and a dam was built at Hrabinka and in Na Migalku Street. At Kateřinka, logs started to catch on the footbridge, which had to be secured and the stream bed cleared. Damage surveys began to be carried out. The footbridges at Jednota and at Zahradníky were damaged, as well as the stream bed in the centre of the village, the roads Na Sušírně and in Hološín. The banks of many tributaries were damaged. Gradually, we will improve and strengthen these places.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who participated in helping and repairing the damage, which included our volunteer firefighters, municipal employees, and volunteers who were willing to help. We greatly appreciate and thank them for their help.

Martin Žabčík

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