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Games without Borders 2024

Datum: 8. June 2024 | Místo: Areál SYNODOS v Malé Bystřici

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MAS Střední Vsetínsko is organizing the long-awaited 2nd year of the regional event, where 13 municipalities of the micro-region will compete against each other again, following the model of the legendary TV competition...

On Saturday, 8th June, our village participated in the Games without Borders, organized by MAS and DSO Střední Vsetínsko. The host and co-organizer this year was the village of Malá Bystřice, where in the beautiful camp Synodos took place a sports and knowledge competition of seven-member teams from thirteen municipalities and a separate team was put together symbolically by the Vsetín Hospital. Ratiboř was represented by the following team members: Martin Žabčík, Michal Mrlina, Štěpán Janíček, Václav Čala, Barbora Machálková, Monika Uhlířová and Radka Kovářová. The individual competitions focused on symbols associated with the village of Malá Bystřice. These included collecting juniper berries from the song Na Santově kopec (On Santa's Hill), chasing sheep in connection with the shepherd's festival, rescuing crayfish that live in the local lake, or making ice cream, which is currently also associated with Malá Bystřice. The competition ended with the captains of the teams, i.e. the mayors, competing in a competition called Taste Your Age.

This was the second edition of the competition, the first one was hosted by us in 2022 in the area of Červeny. Games without Borders aims to connect the municipalities in the territory of the LAG and DSO Střední Vsetínsko, to contribute to the improvement of community life and to help promote these organizations.

Our team managed to take the first place from the end of the table :-), in this competition is not important to win, but to participate. The winner was the municipality of Liptal, which defended its title. The next edition will take place in Liptal in 2026.

I would like to thank the members of the team from Ratibor for representing the municipality and as the chairman of the LAG and DSO Central Vsetin Region I would like to thank the staff of the LAG and DSO office, the citizens of Mala Bystřica led by the mayor Lucie Kotrlova and all the volunteers for the excellent preparation of the venue, preparation of incredibly funny competitions, exemplary care for the competitors and fans.

Martin Žabčík

Foto: Metoděj Černý
Video: IS produkce / Filip Hurta


June 8, 2024 at 12 noon in the Synodos natural area in the village of Malá Bystřice (check the video invitation)

Teams will compare strengths in carefully selected competitions, which are thematically tailored to the vice-presidential municipality of Mala Bystřice. The themes and competitions are still a surprise for the contestants and the audience, but we will reveal that you can definitely look forward to an exceptional day full of fun and experiences.

The following municipalities will compete:
Bystřička, Hošťálková, Jablůnka, Jarcová, Kateřinice, Lhota u Vsetína, Liptál, Malá Bystřice, Mikulůvka, Oznice, Pržno u Vsetína, Ratiboř, Růžďka

Admission fee voluntary
Will you come to cheer for one of the competing teams?

Rich accompanying program and refreshments

  • Facilities for children: board games, 3D glasses, forest gym
  • Presentation of the National Rural Network, examples of projects from the territory subsidized through MAS
  • Musical accompaniment by the band COKOLIVE
  • Refreshments: goodies from the grill, good coffee, cakes, beer, limo

The moderator Ondra Carda will accompany the whole day.

Current information can be found in the FB event here:

The Local Action Group Central Vsetín Region is looking forward to the meeting

This project is co-financed by the European Union under the OPT+ project entitled: Central Vsetin Region together

Repotage from past Games without Borders
...which took place in Ratiboř in 2022 can be found in this post on the municipal website.

Plakát Games without Borders 2024

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