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Marriage in a nutshell

Datum: 29. February 2024

Article title

Luboš Balák's new comedy about the eternal battle between men and women, which doesn't just last a hundred years and doesn't just concern two people

Can you imagine marriage in a nutshell? Compressed and condensed to only the most essential moments? Is that possible? Not to mention a marriage that lasts a hundred years? Emil and Marcela had to live together for a long time before they realized they were great together. Fortunately, they lived to see it. The protagonists will pass through our time, a whole century, and will play twenty-year-olds when they met on the water at the Berounka weir in 1987, and they will play one hundred and twenty-year-olds when they are on a bench in the Beskydy Mountains in the future, reminiscing about who actually wanted to murder whom.

They play: Oldřich Navrátil, Zuzana Kronerová

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