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4th meeting of the Municipality of Ratiboř

Datum: 23. March 2023

Article title

23rd of March 2023 at 5 pm in the meeting room of the Ratiboř 75...

Extract from the 4th meeting of the Municipality of Ratiboř

The Municipal Council APPROVED:

  • Budget Amendment No. 1/2023
  • A general binding ordinance establishing the property tax coefficient
  • Amendment to the Municipality of Ratiboř General Binding Ordinance on the local fee for the Municipal Waste Management System
  • Housing matters
  • Request from the Morava Elementary School for an increase in capacity
  • Application - Society for Early Care
  • Nomination for the General Assembly of Vak Vsetín
  • Establishment of the HOKARA micro-region
  • Membership in the Village of the Year
  • Application of TJ Sokol Ratiboř for financial contribution

The Village Council NOTED:

  • Investment actions in 2023
  • The report of the PČR for the year 2022
  • Cultural events in 2023
  • Result of the financial audit

The full minutes of the Town Meeting are available for inspection in the Mayor's office.

Plakát 4th meeting of the Municipality of Ratiboř



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