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Games without borders

20. June 2022 | Ratiboř

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On 11 June 2022, the first ever regional competition Games without Borders took place, in which a total of 13 municipalities of the Central Vsetín region competed against each other...

The main objective of these games was to introduce the Local Action Group (LAG) Střední Vsetínsko, z.s. and to spread awareness of its activities among the inhabitants and to show the working partnership and cohesion that has long been building throughout the entire Microregion Střední Vsetínsko. We will leave it up to you to decide whether we have succeeded in achieving this goal, but now we would like to offer a small look back at the event.

It all started with the morning registration, during which each team received, in addition to a small "doping" in the form of frgal, slivovitz and water, also the Rules of the competition. For everyone until then classified, so there was no choice but to quickly start preparing tactics. The competition started after the ceremonial entry of the individual teams and the official opening, during which there was both the anthem from the TV show and the "Wallachian anthem" We are Wallachians, performed by the chairman of MAS Martin Žabčík.  We were guided throughout the day by the witty and quick-witted moderator Ondřej Carda and the competitions were honestly and conscientiously opened by the main judge, namely the esteemed guest - the Director of the State Agricultural Intervention Fund, Mrs. Kateřina Mračková.

Both the teams and the fans entered the individual competitions with great enthusiasm. The very first competition was about bathing, because leavening is not an easy discipline and should not be underestimated. In the other competitions it was also necessary to choose good tactics and optimal speed, such as how many bags of flour to load on the wagon, or how to ideally "unhook" when skiing in a team of 7 people. Very interesting and slightly mischievous for the spectators was the competition for the captains - the mayors, who had to "hit home" after turning their heads down and then zigzagging out. Hit home figuratively - at the finish line they had to find the emblem of their municipality and paste it into a blind map of the region. Perhaps the most elaborate competition was the "Worker Bee" event. A bee in costume was suspended from a fabricated structure and flew until it produced enough pollen.

In addition to the spectacle of the individual disciplines, visitors could enjoy a rich accompanying programme.  A bouncy castle was prepared for the children, but they could also show and improve their knowledge and skills, for example at the MAS stand, where they were given the task of getting to know their mayor, matching him with the correct municipal emblem, flag and also photos from the municipalities, or when they could see and try their own handicrafts or taste regional products at the stand of the National Rural Network.  In a fun way, they could get to know their homeland better. In the evening, the Docela band played, to which everyone danced in euphoria after the announcement of the results, followed by dulcimer music and honest free entertainment until the night hours.

All that is left to do is to write how it all turned out and to share the information that the next duel will take place in 2024 in Malá Bystřice.

Lhota u Vsetína

We wish you a pleasant spectacle when you look at the photo gallery and we also prepare a short video...


The Local Action Group Central Vsetín Region, z.s. is organizing the 1st year of the regional event, where 13 municipalities of the microregion will compete against each other, following the model of the legendary TV competition, on 11th of June 2022 from 12 noon in the Červené Area...

A rich accompanying programme and refreshments

  • Facilities for children – rope centre, bouncy castle, play area, etc.
  • Handicraft demonstrations, retail sale
  • Dulcimer band performance
  • Performances by the Pretty Band
  • Theatrical performance of the Ratiboř amateur association called "In a healthy body a healthy spirit"
  • Presentation of the National Rural Network, examples of projects from the area subsidized through MAS
  • Refreshments - goulash, chips, hot dogs, beer, limo, etc.

The moderator Ondra Carda will be presenting the whole day.

Local Action Group Central Vsetín Region is looking forward to the meeting
Bystřička, Hošťálková, Jablůnka, Jarcová, Kateřinice, Lhota u Vsetína, Liptál, Malá Bystřice, Mikulůvka, Oznice, Pržno, Ratiboř, Růžďka

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