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Fees 2022

Fees are levied from 1 February 2022, payable on 30 April 2022.

You can use this electronic form to have any fees due from 1 February 2021 calculated.


Water Charges

  • Water abstraction for 2021 is 42 CZK/m3


  • House connected to sewerage and municipal water supply 15 CZK/m3incl. VAT

  • House connected to municipal sewerage with its own water source 35m3/person (according to the law) x 15 CZK/m3incl. VAT

  • House not connected to the municipal sewerage system - no charge

Mixed municipal waste

  • Citizen with permanent residence in the municipality 600 CZK/year

  • Owner of immovable property comprising an apartment, family house or a building for family recreation in which no natural person is registered and which is located in the territory of the municipality 600 CZK/house

Exemptions and concessions on mixed municipal waste according to Directive No 1 of the Municipality of Ratiboř and General Binding Decree No 1/2021 of the Municipality of Ratiboř

Dog tax (the taxpayer is the owner of a dog older than 3 months)

  • 150 CZKper dog ,

  • for the second and each additional dog of the same owner 300 CZK,

  • a single person over 65 years of age receiving a disability or old-age pension 100 CZK

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